22 June 2015

How to take a screenshot on Sony Android TV

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        Last week, I have the oppotunity to play the new Sony Android TV and I want to take a screenshot from it. But It's different from another android devices. Because you can't press Home + Vol Down to take a screenshot.

        It doesn't like a Nexus Player. Although it has two USB port but it isn't the debugging port. It's just the USB host port. So I have to find another way to debugging this Android TV.

        Typically, the debugging by LAN connection is available on rooted android device. But Sony Android TV can debugging by LAN connection directly from local network whether via WiFi or LAN port.

        At first, you have to enable debugging on developer options.

        So check IP address on Sony Android TV from WiFi connection setting.

        And using ADB command from your computer to connect with Sony Android TV like this.

adb connect <target_ip>:5555

        Secure ADB Debugging dialog will appear. If you want to allow from your computer everytime. Don't forget to tick at "Always allow from this computer" and then choose "OK"

        Finished! Check on your computer by ADB command, DDMS or Android Studio. You should see a device name on the list.

        After that, you can do anything as you want.